Fast growing population, massive urbanization and consumptive economies are depleting this planet’s resources rapidly. Humanity is facing severe water scarcity. The issue in water sector is not of quantum of resource but is that of management, ever-increasing demand, rampant extraction, uncontrolled abstraction source development and inequitable distribution. Finding sustainable water management solutions is therefore a top priority at URDHVAM. We are committed to provide stakeholders with appropriate, locally contextual and sustainable solutions. We help our clients manage precious water resources through by providing scientific assessment and studies of the following:
• Water Resources (storm and surface water)
• Water Audits & Balance
• Rainwater Harvesting (urban & rural)
• Lake & Wetland restoration
• Water Quality Monitoring
• Modelling & Forecasting
• Wastewater Treatment using DEWATS
• Irrigation Management
• Agro-Economics
• Awareness & Training

Ground water management

Water security is widely recognised as one of the major challenges to India’s economic and social development. India's groundwater dependence and the crises of depletion and contamination of groundwater resources require the development of a robust groundwater management and evaluation plan. It is the primary source of drinking water for nearly all of the rural populations and an essential resource for the functioning of many industrial units. Well production rate, groundwater quality and long-term yield are key factors in developing and managing groundwater supplies, and each supply is dependent on location-specific hydrogeology and aquifer characteristics. We at URDHVAM with our professional environmental consultants are devoted to raising the standards of environmental consulting. With environmental regulations expertise and your business needs in mind, we are equipped to help your next project succeed. Our specialist team of geologists, hydrogeologists and geo-ecologist undertake all aspects of ground water studies including scoping, prefeasibility and feasibility studies. We provide a range of services related to ground water quantity and quality including resource management and exploration, pollution evaluation and remediation design. We also provide site-specific conceptual and detailed models for the evaluation and prediction of groundwater availability, contaminant migration, dewatering, groundwater impacts and water supply. We at provide the following Groundwater Supply, Development and Management services:
• Bedrock and alluvial groundwater development
• Artificial recharge
• Aquifer storage and recovery
• Drought studies and management
• Groundwater desalinization
• Watershed Management
• Well design, installation, testing and rehabilitation
• Basin studies
• Aquifer Performance Test
• Aquifer impact studies
• Well field management
• Groundwater studies and modelling
• Saltwater intrusion modelling
• Conjunctive water use and groundwater compliance

GIS&Information Technology

We thrive on automating complex operations and streamlining datasets using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. We are just not restricted to GIS technology, but have a broader interest and range of consulting in customized development and integration services for both GIS and IT. We serve governments, utilities and transportation industries, universities and private sector companies with a wide range ofon-field surveys, desk based GIS and IT consulting, mobile applications and support services. From strategic planning to application integration and its analysis, we at URDHVAM aim at empowering your operation with the clarity, accuracy and productivity you need to strategies and succeed; they are as follows –
• Remote Sensing - Satellite imagery interpretation and classification
• Thematic GIS mapping
• Contour (Topographic) Surveys
• 3D Modeling and Visualization
• GIS training & support
• Differential GPS and GPS survey
• Total Station Survey
• Mobile Application
• Gamification of Education
• Online MOOC development
• Agro-informatics

Waste Management

Waste management is one of the major challenges faced by many countries around the globe. Inadequate collection, recycling or treatment and uncontrolled disposal of waste in dumps and wastewater discharge into rivers haveled to severe hazards, such as health risks and environmental pollution.To handle pressures of increasing waste generation and reduce capital expenditures on their management, we at URDHVAM aim at providing cost effective and effective solutions in management of wastewater and organic solid waste. Waste can form a valuable resource if addressed correctly;we help in manage your waste by providing the following services with association with our partners:
• ECOCARE Green Solutions Pvt Ltd - Automatic Organic Waste Converter – EARTHLING (EARTHLING is fully automatic composting machine which processes all types of organic waste into high quality compost within 24 hours)
• Consortium for DEWATS Dissemination (CDD) Society - DEWATS system– waste water management (DEWATS is a simple design, non-dependent on energy, reliable, long-lasting, tolerant towards inflow fluctuation and low in costs. It can treat organic wastewater from domestic and industrial sources)

Corporate social responsibility

CSR provides a unique opportunity to add value to the society and demonstrate the social responsibility of your business. We at URDHVAM can help you to reduce your environmental footprint by channelizing your funds to achieve your business goals and help you achieve solid return on investment. Making the right choicesis based on sound knowledge; and CSR activities that contain many initiatives, each with a unique and diverse focus and tied together with a common goal. In order to ensure that all the benefits from initiatives such as a CSR strategy implementation are fully realized, processes that prioritize, monitor, control, and provide overall structure are critical. In addition,as our social values in doing business, government regulations and a new appreciation of our ecological limits are changing. The demand for strategic guidance with regard to corporate sustainability has never been greater. We offer a broad based advice that will help your organization/firm in strategizing your CSR activities and help you seize the opportunities presented by embracing sustainability as part of your core business strategythat involves sound ecological practice and knowledge.

NGO Support

We provide support system to Non-Governmental Organizations in the field Groundwater, Ecology, and Environment. It includes task recognition, design, implementation, execution, sustainability and fund raising. We are committed to working skilfully, providing quality services, and dissemination of knowledge and promotion of lasting development efforts of marginalized and underrepresented sectors of society. We strengthen institutions by reinforcing their capabilities to do much better in their respective fields by providing numerous trainings, courses and performing capacity building programmes

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